Williams Coding Journey

My progression into the tech world

Javascript added to roommate_assistant. My rails final project.

I have to admit. Doing this project definitely gave me a better understanding of JavaScript. I went into it thinking I would get through it pretty quick but it took me longer than expected.

My rails project, Roommate Assistant

So I’ve finally gotten to the end of Rails and I truly feel like I’ve learned a lot. I’m reaching the point where I feel like I can truly build something cool (with enough time for experimentation). I have the tendency to overdue when unnecesary so in this project I tried to not go too overboard before too much time has passed and my head explodes. I will say though, bare with me throughout this project. I wanted to focus on getting a full application working first. I did find out that our next big project is to redo this application but with a javascript front end, so I wanted to leave my look for later on. Right now I just have the core application functioning and when I get javascript downpacked, I’ll then proceed to adding some css or bootstrap.

Oh man has it been a while... Sinatra Assessment


My first CLI Gem: food_ideas

My many phases.

``` class Blog require ‘nokogiri’ require ‘open-uri’